June 1, 2019

Virtual Reality Gaming Tent

Game Go offers Virtual Reality in an exciting new way!  We’ll set up our Game Go Virtual Reality Tent right in your yard!  It’s a great add-on to our game truck party, or a great stand-alone for your birthday party, family or other event. We can set up the VR Tent in a school gymnasium, at a church event, fundraiser, summer camp, and just about anywhere else!

Virtual reality gaming tent at a video game birthday party in Frederick County and Baltimore, Maryland

Imagine a 10×14 VR Gaming Tent, complete with a glow-in-the-dark gaming computer outside and a Virtual Reality Gaming area inside.  Add a Virtual Reality headset and hand-held controls, and prepare to enter the realm of VR Gaming!  Immerse yourself in the game, where your body movements help propel you through different worlds, landscapes and challenges!


Add VR Tent to your Game Go Video Game Party: $150

Stand-alone VR Tent: 2 Hours for only $250